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At the University of Basel I studied mathematics for the pure joy of logical thinking, puzzles and abstract constructs. After completing my studies, I started working in the investment fund division of a major Swiss bank in 1996, with the task of setting up a department to monitor the correct use of derivatives in investment funds. For this I trained as a portfolio manager, CFA charterholder. After a one-year break in 1999, during which my wife Janka and I were traveling with a tent and backpack, mainly in the Patagonian Andes, I returned to the same department with a 50% workload. I wanted also to take care of our first born child.


In 2003 I took over the management of the Carl Schlettwein Foundation and its operative part, the Basler Afrika Bibliographien , a documentation center on Namibia and southern Africa. A manager has been employed for the operational part since 2012, and I can concentrate on managing the company and working on the board of trustees.

Ken Wilber's work enabled me to go beyond my rational-mathematical thinking. A personal crisis led me to holotropic breathwork and to the Grof Transpersonal Training GTT, where I completed my training as a Certified Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner in 2012.

I am interested in the possibilities of combining holotropic breathwork with other forms of consciousness work, especially shamanism and thus the work of my wife Janka, .

I live in Basel with Janka, 3 children and a dog.

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